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Wed, 26 Jun


Botanical Garden/University of Cagliari

“Liov” Overture call for writing Cortoindanza XXII edition 2019

“Liov” Diego Sinninger and Kiko López. Revolving Performing Arts Company - SPAIN

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“Liov” Overture call for writing Cortoindanza XXII edition 2019
“Liov” Overture call for writing Cortoindanza XXII edition 2019

Orario & Sede

26 Jun 2019, 20:00

Botanical Garden/University of Cagliari, Via Sant'Ignazio da Laconi, 11, 09123 Cagliari CA, Italy



Liov reflects on the impact that internal and external struggles have on us and offers two readings: on the one hand it represents the intimate struggle and duality that inhabit all of us when we want to let go of what looms over us and continue advancing in life with strength and freedom. On the other hand, it shows how our inner conflicts are also projected onto our relationships, and expose the fine line that can exist between love and violence, between victim and aggressor, between desire and abuse. When one feels the need to shed the load that prevents full development, the opportunity arises for an opening. On the other side of that door, we find the monster: a shadow that keeps us company and strengthens our fears, blocking any transformation. We have to face it and make a decision: dissolution or reconciliation? Either way, we need to leave our comfort zone and accept the uncertainty. Composition is necessary. Who is braver: the warrior or the one who abandons the fight and offers forgiveness?

In LIOV, two characters - who are also one, and also all of us - face each other on stage, driven by the conflict between their opposing desires: survival versus a good life. One of them decides to rebel against his own wounds and fears: he duels against his own mask, the weight of which becomes unbearable. To dismantle that shield, he'll have to hit the bottom, dropping completely. Only by final surrender will he be able to discover that his greatest strength lies in self-love, and tenderness and compassion towards others.

Diego Sinniger De Salas

he calls himself an "unlabeled" artist. He feels passionate about any way of artistic expression that expands the sensitivity of the individual. His main axis is movement, where he defines himself as a choreographer and dancer who develops his style from a technique he calls "muscle consciousness" (a blend of years of traveling between different cultures such as contemporary dance, hip hop, circus or even martial arts). He started out in urban dance, mainly in Spain and New York. He has worked in national and international projects, such as Brodas Bros, Uniq, Dblock, A Base de Bases, among others.

At the same time, he was trained in the field of contemporary dance in different cities such as Spain, France, Brussels and Germany. By attending different training courses and festivals such as Vario (Barcelona), Cobosmika (Palamos), Festival Deltebre Dansa, etc. While living in Brussels, he attended courses with choreographers such as Wim Vandekeybus, Elena Fokina, Peter Jasko, Anton Laschky, Jordi Cortés, Laura Aris, Francisco Cordoba.

He has worked as a performer and choreographer in the following pieces: DISCONN eCt, LIOV and PaH. Over the past 5 years he has worked with several companies such as Lali Ayguade Company (U an Mi, Kokoro, SA BA), Roser Lopez Espinosa (Noviembre), Ziomara Hormaetxe (Biopiracy), Cia. Cobosmika (OTA, Scrakeja't).

Today he is very interested in theater and in different methods of interpretation such as the Stanislavsky method or, even more, with the Lecoq method (Jacque Lecoq).

Kiko López.

Coming from urban dance, he trained in contemporary dance in the best schools in London New York, Los Angeles, and Spain: Debbie Reynolds, Alvin Ailey, Edge, Millenium Dance Complex, Company & Company, Festival Deltebre Dansa, among others.

Director and choreographer of Npuva's company (a fusion of Afro-contemporary and hip hop). He regularly teaches and works at Dancescape (Lérida) and Company & Company (Barcelona) schools. He currently collaborates with Franciso Cordoba, project director and choreographer of Momento di Physica, for the production "postkriptum." He stood out in many projects such as Scrakeja't (Cia. Cobosmika), L'ànima (Color Dansa / Lena - the reef) of L'adn, Humans (Cía. estilo), tecknized (Cía. Crew of supremas) and romeo+Julieta, Intersection

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