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Sat, 27 Aug


Theatrical space

14th event/festival Cortoindanza|Logos _ a bridge to Europe 2022

"Dioramas" | Co-creation project Italy Singapore Malaysia Macau and the project

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14th event/festival Cortoindanza|Logos _ a bridge to Europe 2022
14th event/festival Cortoindanza|Logos _ a bridge to Europe 2022

Orario & Sede

27 Aug 2022, 21:00 – 23:00

Theatrical space, Via Nazario Sauro, 6, 09123 Cagliari CA, Italy


  • Diorama Co-Creation Project Italy Singapore Malaysia Macau

The Diorama project is an exercise in political imagination, a practice of redefining and reconstructing the biological body through a sabotage of the processes of gender construction and a deconstruction of the dominant codes

of representation without giving up on it. The practice we propose creates a vision device, reconsiders the space of representation and the ways of accessing it. A series of landscapes in a non-linear development rethink corporality and binarism to make room for the multiple. Starting from the assumption that the body is never completely natural but is the result of a stratification of elements and cultural representations, the trompe l'oeil created with the body filmed, acted out and placed in relation with other bodies in a choreographic score proposes dramatic corpore alternatives to traditional representation in which visualization is a form of control and omnipotent visual communication is the engine of the relationship between the individual and social structures, between private space and public space. The term diorama has Greek origins and means "to look through". In the practice we propose, the dioramic realization consists of different landscapes created with the help of a series of videos that are projected. The body in video constantly interacts with the body in presence.

The project includes: 

2 Italian artists: Roberta Racis | Rome; Fabio Novembrini | Florence | 1 Malaysian artist January Low | 1 Macau artist: Albert Garcia 

In co-organization with: 

CRISOL network: Fabbrica Europa Foundation, Florence (Italy) - project leader | Lis Lab Performing Arts/Cross Festival Association, Verbania (Italy) | Terpsichorea Association, Short in dance, Cagliari (Italy) | Gender Bender Festival (Italy) | Dance Nucleus (Singapore) | Stella&Artists / Macau CDE Springboard, Macau (Macau SAR)

1."Diorama"by and with Roberta Racis and Fabio Novembrini

Roberta and Fabio will propose a return of the Diorama in the form of a work in progress. After sharing they will want to speak to the public explaining the evolution of the choreography after the residency in Singapore and in relation to some macro themes highlighted by the work with the group such as the activation of the gaze, the female and male gaze, the relationship between performer and spectator and between subject and object. 

2. "Clouds of gas" by and with Albert Garcia

Clouds of gas is a survival guide performance that questions society's relationship to the collective and the status of the individual. It also seeks to critically investigate the norms underlying the anthropisation process and the design of our built environment and habitats. Rethinking the way we imagine the human habitat and, with it, the forms of social relations that spatial organization generates. The project aims to share how to survive everyday threats and how to overcome them. Sharing the durable body under all circumstances of the current status quo.

3."Untitled Videos/Performance only by and with Jereth Leung

In 2019, Jereh began producing a series of dialogue scene studies from Wong Kar Wai's film 'In the mood for love'. It has developed into studies and interpretations of dealing with the male gaze through the involvement of a female gaze and a personal reflection on what is feminine. In 2022 he decides to return to the root that ignited the studies: deliberately embody the characters of the film. To function well as a person, you have to be comfortable with yourself. By actively copying the movements, tones and textuality of the film's characters, Jereh creates a constant internal dialogue about the human being as a unity of masculine and feminine energies.


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