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interConnessioni 2019


artists residency project in the area

Artistic direction

Simonetta Pusceddu

(Pursuant to the State / Regions Agreement sanctioned on 21.9.2017 and in implementation of article 43 (Residences) of the Ministerial Decree of 27.7.2017)

with the support of the Region of Sardinia, MIBAC - Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities,  Archaeological, Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendence for the Metropolitan City of Cagliari and the Provinces of Oristano and South Sardinia, Municipality of Settimo S. Pietro,  Ark of Time / Settimo San Pietro, Tourist Association Pro Loco / Municipality of Settimo San Pietro,  Specus Cooperative,  Municipality of Selargius, Bios Cooperative / Municipality of Sinnai.

In agreement with Zerogrammi / Turin and Twain / Rome   to guarantee inter-regional mobility and stay in residences, in implementation of article 43 "Residences" of Ministerial Decree No. 332 of 27 July 2017, for the three-year period 2018 - 2020.

In co-organization with CeDAC Sardegna.

“Interconnessioni, the residence project curated by Simonetta Pusceddu (Tersicorea) in tandem with the Municipality of Settimo San Pietro. Now in its second year of activity, the program returns to animate the town of “Septimo ab urbe lapide” with a full calendar of artistic residencies, workshops and live performances. Dance, animation, circus art, physical theater, music, projection of the docufilm and photographic exhibition on the project. And also tastings, exhibitions, screenings, workshops, choreographic research residences, with artists and dancers from Spain, Germany, France, the peninsula and different parts of Sardinia, in perfect symbiosis between art, memory of places and tradition. They will be the protagonists of a series of initiatives with the involvement of citizens. A creative worksite in the open air, among the historic and enchanting places of the area (Casa Dessy, Cuccuru Nuraxi and the archaeological complex, Ark of time, Domus de Janas S'Acqua 'e is dolus, the alleys and squares of the town) to the enhancement of the territory in which the shows and public returns take place.


• From 11 to 12 July 2019. Casa Dessy 9.00 pm,  "Da Vinci Stories" Animation show with live music Theatrical reading of Leonardo da Vinci's Fables by Donatella Pau Company Is Mascareddas Interpretation and visual animation Donatella Pau, Live music Silvia Corda, Objects and animals Donatella Pau, Tonino Murru, Mimmo Ferrari


•  July 24  . Casa Dessy 9.00 pm,  the dance show “Coma” of the Spanish Company of and with Diego Sinniger and his collective of dancers: Kiko Lopez, Shaquille George, Helena Canas, Fanny Laї. A project that investigates the relationship between the human body and the "Air" element, not only in its physical relationship, but also in its psychological and emotional dimension. The physical investigation of the body and movement that has its foundations in a team of extraordinary performers with a strong knowledge of the technical qualities of waving (from funk and hip hop dance), breakdance, house-dance, tai who and the disciplines of the circus areas.

•  July 26. Casa Dessy 9.00 pm,  space for music with the "Popular Music Concert" by the Andhira Quartet, with Luca Nulchis (piano, harmonium, voice), Elena Nulchis (voice and harmonium), Egidiana Carta (voice and flute), Elisa Zedda (voice) and the choir by Sinnai. Unbound from the boundaries of a specific musical genre, their repertoire develops over a rich sound territory of various shapes and colors, passing through classical and popular traditions, between references to Sardinia and the Mediterranean borders, and evocations of fascinating stories and settings, real or imaginary.

• July 30th  . Casa Dessy 9.30 pm, "Funtaneris / On the water roads", a journey through architecture and landscapes. 

Directed by  Massimo Gasole. Documentary film produced by the «History of the City Association» Executive producer Illador Films from a research by Marco Cadinu (University of Cagliari).

The architectures of the water, fountains, wash houses and aqueducts, designed over the centuries, tell the stages of birth and the evolution of cities, towns and landscapes. 

Based on the research coordinated by Marco Cadinu, already published in open access and carried out in 2012-2015 by the Department of Civil Environmental Engineering and Architecture of the University of Cagliari (with the University of Sassari, Polytechnic of Turin, University of Tuscia and some members of the City History Association) a heritage has emerged consisting of about five hundred historic fountains, wash houses, aqueducts and works of art; monuments spread throughout the territory, in the cities and small towns of Sardinia that draw an unprecedented geography of water and its centuries-old traditions.

Telling the beauty of the places, the ancient affection of the communities towards the water resource, the artistic expression linked to water, therefore spreading its values and their recovery, constitute the goal of the work. The construction of the screenplay and the message that the documentary film conveys were designed to combine the utmost communicative cordiality with a depth of concepts and meanings, for a Public History of Architecture.


•  On August 3, in the enchanting setting of the archaeological complex of Cuccuru Nuraxi with its ancient underground temple dedicated to the cult of water, the dance show "Elegy of lost things" by the Zerogrammi Company (Turin) will close this first phase of "Interconnections 2019" with the direction and choreography of Stefano Mazzotta, choreographer and dancer, partner and founder of the Turin company among the most appreciated dance production organizations in Italy and abroad and backbone of the international non-profit Med'Arte network which brings together different companies in the national, international and non-EU territory including Tersicorea to start the collaboration between these and the mobility of artists. The creation, currently under development within the artistic residency project in Settimo San Pietro, freely inspired by the novel "The poor" by the Portuguese writer Raul Brandao, is the result of a choreographic research around the theme of "exile" with a particular interest in its philosophical and poetic dimension. Exile as an incurable fracture carved between a human being and a native place, between the self and his true home. A theme not unrelated to the current political and social situation in which we live with its violent and daily burst into our lives. “We are living this new millennium in a climate of growing migration and the presence of different ways, cultures and beliefs where migratory flows are no longer considered a transitory phenomenon but an almost structural dimension of our constantly changing society”, explains Mazzotta. Curated by the Compagnia ZEROGRAMMI, direction and choreography Stefano Mazzotta, collaboration in the staging and dramaturgy Anthony Mathieu. Interpreters Lucrezia Maimone, Amina Amici, Miriam Cinieri, Damien Camunez, Manuel Martin, Gabriel Beddoes, Simone Zambelli,  Alessio Rundeddu with the participation of Loredana Parrella, Sara Angius and Elena Ledda.


The research on multidisciplinary languages immersed in what are the identity peculiarities of Sardinia, during the Interconnessioni residency in the year 2019 focused on  in the deepening and interconnections of the theme of identity and exile. The artistic residency path led to the construction of a FILM work through the encounter with different geographies and cultures and constitutes the main tool for the development of the dramaturgy and the path of all the artists involved. The feeling of travel and discovery that is the basis of the creative nomadism operated through the artistic residences feeds a space for exchange and builds a bridge with the territories capable of suggesting a dynamic and participatory idea of cultural and artistic development. The choreographic project Elegìa delle cose perdute is inspired by a corollary of readings of predominantly existential and introspective matrix, among which the novel I Poveri by the Portuguese writer and historian Raul Brandao stands out. 

The landscape evoked by this literary reference, poised between raw, harsh, dreamlike and illusory, has the form of nostalgia, of the German Sehnsucht, of memory as a material that determines the trace of our roots and identity and, at the same time, the separation from they and the feeling of moral exile that derives from it: dream of impossible returns, anger in the face of time that annihilates, farewell from what is lost and that has marked the map of our inner journey.

In the investigation of the topos of exile, our desire is to explore, beyond its geographical significance, the moral condition that concerns anyone who may feel alien to the world in which they live, placing them in a state of suspension between past and future, hope and nostalgia. The desire that this condition carries in itself is not so much the desire for an immobile eternity as for ever new genesis and for a place that remains, a place where it comes alive with a rebirth that is living matter, and helps to resist, to to last, to change, a place where you can go without ever reaching infinity, continuously.

video residenza artistica 2019

video residenza artistica 2019

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