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residenza artistica 2022

Artist residency project in the area
Artistic direction Simonetta Pusceddu

(Art. 43 (Residences) State-Regions Understanding of the DM 27.07.2017 and of the DGR n. 19/40 of 2018 and n. 9/17 of 2022 - Projects for the establishment and development of the "Artists in the Territories" residences. Three-year period 2022-2024)​

with the contribution of

Autonomous Region of Sardinia;

MIC/Ministry of Culture; 

Municipality of Carloforte 

organizational logistics collaboration:

Botti Du Scoggiu Association - Onlus


“Rizomi”, residency project curated by Simonetta Pusceddu (Tersicorea) in tandem with the Municipality of Carloforte

Crossings in the territory of Carloforte and the island of San Pietro, a community made up of only 6 thousand inhabitants, with the aim of highlighting the   peculiarity of “an island within an island”. which is part of the circuit of "The most beautiful villages in Italy" and  preserves the language and culture of the founders, the families of fishermen originally from Pegli, and coming from the Tunisian island of Tabarka (where they resided from the 16th century). In 1738, the Tabarchinis obtained permission from King Carlo Emanuele III to colonize the island of San Pietro, uninhabited and called 'degli sparrowhawks' since the time of the Phoenician settlement (8th century BC), followed by the Punic one, with temple and necropolis . The same fishermen, 40 years later, also founded Calasetta on the facing island of Sant'Antioco.

Period of development

Project "Isabel - based on a true story"

A square, the meeting with the people who live in that square, the stories that square can tell and those it will never tell, this is where "Isabel's" journey to her residence in Carloforte starts. A work of research of materials and creation between the urban places and the landscape places of Carloforte
Dramaturgy tutor: Susanna Mannelli

1 to  20 December 2022 Oltrenotte Company | with LUCREZIA MARIA MAIMONE
Project "Universal Zoology" 

PTo achieve a deep and intimate connection with this imaginary Nature, the author recreates the natural and fantastic habitat of beings, to propose both an internal, emotional and imaginative experience and a more visual and picturesque aspect of the work.” The artist composes impossible yet authentic plots. An artistic proposal of extraordinary impact that transforms the dancer and actress into the icon of Shiva, the Hindu deity of destruction, also known by the name of Natarajà, or the "Lord of the dancers". Level dance, theatrical invention, circus art, puppetry and acrobatics. Author, dancer, choreographer and director of flawless dance, grappling with daring and spectacular evolutions, the young artist also adds an innate theatrical presence. In his expressive window with the "Zoology" project, a bestiary of horrid and fantastic wonders is experienced within a dance made of harmonic fluency, ringing figures with reckless aerial movements. Ambiguous looks and mimicry suggest characters from improvised stories, part of a dance theater that touches the sky.
Music Research Tutor: Elsa Paglietti 
Tutor for making masks and props:Donatella Pau

5 to 21 December  2022 CHEY JURADO GILLES
Project  “Raíz”

THEJurado Giles' choreographic writing concept takes shape from his previous projects dealing with the four primary elements of nature: water, earth, fire and air.  Raíz • (Por Parte De Mare) is centered on the earth element, RAIZ root described and interpreted in terms of urban dance. An element, like motion, can be liquid and adaptable, solid like rock, gaseous and volatile like vapor. Root that generates life, root of creation, root of the universe.  The ecological theme is present through the approach to some of the current problems affecting the environment. The topic covered in this work aims to highlight the intellectual concern for a relationship that is probably as old as human rationality. It is about the relationship of man (that is, of society, of culture) with the environment that surrounds him (understanding the earth, nature, the environment, etc.), seen through contemporary dance and non-verbal language._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
Creative Support Tutor: Fernando Martinez CaReaga Gómez 

residence spaces Isola di San Pietro:

Institutional Places:

  • Garden of Notes, Casa del Duca, Torre San Vittorio

scenic places:

  • Salt pans of Carloforte, Capo Sandalo, Guardia dei Mori, Punta del Capo and Tonnara della Punta, Carloforte historic center  Piazza Pegli, Via Venezia

Conventional theatres:​

  • Cavallera Theatre

unconventional places:

  • La Bottega laboratory theater space 

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