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Med'arte is an international non-profit network of artistic / cultural dialogue that brings together various companies from the national and international territory and from outside the EU. 
Med'arte aims to initiate mobility and collaboration between different members, institutes / bodies of the contemporary art sector.
"Med'arte" was born as a free and independent organism. The supporting partners of Med'arte conceive their action and function as "messengers" of contemporary art in the world,  with the aim of enhancing and bringing to Sardinia that central line of development of avant-garde production that has developed in Europe and in the world. ​ 

"Mixing" of the arts, contamination, breaking down of disciplinary borders, languages that mix with each other, this is the opportunity that Med'arte wants to offer.

The work of the network is based on various actions that act on a national, international and extra-European level, with particular attention to young companies and young independent artists, but at the same time it creates and keeps alive an intergenerational comparison with artists of consolidated experience in the field of dance, theater, visual art. To this aspect is added the incentive to multidisciplinarity, exchange, monitoring, support of creativity and  to artistic production, through the mechanisms of hospitality there  in festivals and residencies  creative, urban and rural.

Action / Sharing
The activity of the International Network focuses on the contemporary performing arts sector, establishing relations with the cultural regions of the Mediterranean.
Since 2008, a large number of activities and projects, dance festivals and regional dance platforms have been supported. The production and creation and artistic distribution was encouraged; the co-organization of professional training initiatives, advanced training courses and workshops and above all, the hospitality and meeting of hundreds of artists and professionals of contemporary art.

Establishment of a guiding group
The work of Med'arte has its roots since 2008 on the occasion of the 1st edition of the festival call for choreographic writing, Cortoindanza - live choreography in short form.
From this moment on, a "guiding nucleus" is established that acts as an artistic commission, which through many years of experience in the contemporary art sector, identifies young emerging artists from all over the world, implementing the aggregation of arts professionals which aim to create a moment of dialogue and exchange with Europe and the rest of the world.

Functions and roles of partners

  • Locate, choreographers  and emerging artists in territories on the national, international and extra-European scene;  

  • Disseminate the project, in order to involve artists of different origins and cultures of the different languages of contemporary art in the territories to which they belong;

  • “Dramaturgical coaching” and monitoring of the artists involved in residency and production in the host countries;  

  • Sharing of different perspectives of creation / research and for  develop performative and analytical skills;

  • Administrative, technical and logistical assistance of companies and artists in the territories in which they are hosted.

Territorial intervention strategies
The processes of which Med'arte is an advocate are based on a sustainable cultural development strategy that combines art, entertainment and historical memory, as a fundamental tool for a cultural policy path, within an overall territorial and cultural development plan. Med'arte permanently supports the planning and programmatic intervention of various realities of the national, international and extra-European territory.
  It opens its extraordinary showcase to create an intergenerational dialogue, addressing artists independent of historical clichés to which they belong, influenced by new trends and avant-gardes, who share a sense of dance as a pure, free and authentic language, through a comparison with artists of great prominence and artistic maturity of the national / international scene, embracing even more than one experience from across the border.


Engagement requirements

One of the necessary requirements for involvement is configured in relation to the pedagogical, analytical and experience skills of the Partners; therefore functional and productive capacities for territorial realities in the balance between tradition and the desire to establish themselves in the European and international territory.

Achieved results

  • mobility and circulation of the works of genius of over 200 choreographic projects of the young author's dance;

  • creation of a connection of artistic production for the development of contemporary art in Sardinia;

  • administrative protection of companies and artists during their artistic residency and representation in the territories where the artists are hosted;

  • processes  bilateral internationalization;

  • sharing of the different poetics of creation / research and to develop performative skills e  analytical skills;

  • incentive to multidisciplinarity.

The network has opened an exchange dialogue with the following territories:
Italy, Portugal, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Ivory Coast, Scotland, West Africa, Denmark, Brazil, Tunisia, Egypt, Japan, Kazan (Russia), Armenia, Colombia, Germany, Israel, England, Scotland, Mexico.


Tersicorea T. OFF Association - Cagliari / Italy ​​

List  Signatory partners:

(Promoter) Associazione Terpsicorea Cagliari /Sardinia 

Heliotropion Company - France / Paris

Zerogrammi Company - Turin / Piedmont

Borderlinedanza Company - Salerno / Campania 

Cie Twain physical dance theater -  Rome / Lazio 

Daiva Jyoti Center (Cie La Bagarre) -  Turin / Piedmont

Nut Company - Milan / Lombardy

Compagnia Càjka - Sea theaters - Cagliari /Sardinia 

Asmed Sardinian Music and Dance Association-Sardinia / QuartuSant'Elena

Maya INC Cooperative Art Society - Sardinia / Quartucciu

Muxarte Company - Palermo /Sicilia

Sicily The Association of Local Authorities for Cultural and Entertainment Activities

CEDAC - Multidisciplinary Circuit / Sardinia

AssociationSuoni & Pause Sardinia Cagliari /Sardinia 

Cooperative Sant'Elia 2003 

La FucinaTeatro / Crogiuolo - Cagliari /Sardinia 

Koreoproject Company - Lecce / Puglia 

Pin Doc Association - Palermo / Sicily 

Fabbrica Europa Foundation for Contemporary Arts - Florence / Tuscany 

Association Culturelle Scaraboum / Avignon / France -

Association KAMAR - Tunis /Tunisia 

Caravansar Producción Y Gestión - Granada / Spain

Asociacion Cultural Metacau - Granada / Spain

Onlus Association Domus De Luna Foundation Cagliari /Sardinia 

Lucidosottile Company  Cagliari /Sardinia 

Centro_Servizi di_Ateneo Hortus_Botanicus Karalitanus (HBK) University  Cagliari /Sardinia  

Teatro Cafè de Las Artes - Santander / Spain

Motus Music and Dance Cultural Association - Sardinia / Sassari

La Même Balle  - Avignon / France

LifeMusic Cultural Association - Cagliari /Sardinia 

Association  Cultural Botti Du Shcoggiu - Carloforte / Sardinia

Ilos Cultural Association | theater of identity - Lula (NU) / Sardinia

Teatro del Sottosuolo - Carbonia/Sardegna

Associazione Spazio Musica - Cagliari/Sardegna

Associazione Culturale Oltrenotte - Cagliari/Sardegna

Associazione Culturale Ilos | teatro dell'identità - Lula (NU) /Sardegna

Associazione Dance Gallery APS - Perugia /Umbria

Associazione Parco delle arti Molineddu - Ossi (Sassari)/Sardegna 

independent international network for the development of contemporary art in the Mediterranean basin.

Officina delle arti sceniche e performative

protocollo intesa network med'arte


Associazione Tersicorea T. OFF - Cagliari/Italia​​

Elenco  Partner firmatari:

(Soggetto Promotore) Associazione Tersicorea Cagliari/Sardegna

Compagnia Heliotropion Parigi/Francia

Compagnia Zerogrammi Torino/Piemonte

Compagnia Borderlinedanza - Salerno/Campania

Cie Twain physical dance theatre Roma/Lazio

Centro Daiva Jyoti (Cie La Bagarre) Torino/Piemonte

Compagnia Nut  - Milano/Lombardia

Compagnia Càjka - Teatri di mare - Cagliari/Sardegna

Asmed Associazione Sarda Musica e Danza  - Quartu S.Elena/Sardegna

Maya INC Società Cooperativa Art  - Quartucciu/Sardegna

Compagnia Muxarte  - Palermo/Sicilia

L’Associazione Enti Locali per le attività Culturali e di Spettacolo -  Cagliari/Sardegna

CEDAC -Circuito Multidisciplinare Cagliari/Sardegna

AssociazioneSuoni&Pause -  Cagliari/Sardegna

Cooperativa Sant’Elia 2003 s.c.a.r.l  - Cagliari/Sardegna

La FucinaTeatro/Crogiuolo -  Cagliari/Sardegna

Compagnia Koreoproject  - Lecce/Puglia

Associazione Pin Doc Palermo/Sicilia

Fondazione Fabbrica Europa per le arti contemporanee  - Firenze/Toscana

Association Culurelle Scaraboun  - Avignon/Francia -

Association KAMAR - Tunisi/ Tunisia

Caravansar Producción Y Gestión - Granada/Spagna

Asociacion Cultural Metacau - Granada/Spagna

Associazione Onlus Fondazione Domus De Luna  - Cagliari/Sardegna

Compagnia Lucidosottile - Cagliari/Sardegna

Centro_Servizi di_Ateneo Hortus_Botanicus Karalitanus (HBK) Università degli Studi Cagliari 

Teatro Cafè de Las Artes - Santander/Spagna

Associazione culturale Motus Musica e Danza Sassari/Sardegna 

La Même Balle | Anthony Mathieu - Avignon/Francia

Teatro del Sottosuolo - Carbonia/Sardegna

Associazione Spazio Musica - Cagliari/Sardegna

Associazione Culturale LifeMusic - Cagliari/Sardegna

Associazione Culturale Oltrenotte - Cagliari/Sardegna

Associazione Culturale Botti Du Shcoggiu - Carloforte / Sardegna

Associazione Culturale Ilos | teatro dell'identità - Lula (NU) /Sardegna

Associazione Dance Gallery APS - Perugia /Umbria

Associazione Parco delle arti Molineddu - Ossi-Sassari/Sardegna 




Loredana Parrella | Twain_Centro Produzione Danza_Tuscania Lazio


Stefano Mazzotta | Zerogrammi Permutazioni_Torino Piemonte


Anna Estdahl| Lavanderia a Vapore, centro di residenza e casa della danza _Torino Piemonte


Monica Sava | coreografa e insegnante interpretazione scenica presso il Conservatorio di Musica “G.F. Ghedini”, ideatrice del Metodo Sava_ Cuneo Piemonte

Giuseppe Muscarello | Festival Conformazioni_Palermo Italia


 Simona Nordera | Fabbrica Europa _ Firenze Toscana

Danila Blasi | Associazione Culturale PinDoc Centro di produzione Palermo Sicilia

Donatella Pau |Associazione Culturale Is Mascareddas, Teatro di figura _Cagliari Sardegna

Alicia Trueba | Cafè de les artes Teatro_Santander, Spagna

Laura Kumin | Paso a 2 Plataforma Coreográfica/Certamen Coreográfico _ Madrid Spagna

Antony Mathieu | regista Drammaturgo _Francia responsabile reportage Cortoindanza 


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