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The remote creative residences 2020 are part of one of the sections of the Cortoindanza / Logos review. These are projects whose creative paths have been supported remotely due to the COVID19 emergency.

A productive opportunity for creative meeting despite the historical moment that was going through which, due to Covid19, has led companies to an impossibility of physical and in-person exchange. In order not to interrupt the creative path of the projects, the artists confronted each other in a dynamic that made it possible to carry on the works that will still have the opportunity to find themselves together in the frame of the T.Off space in 2021.


In particular:

from 21 to 30 June 2020 , "Clue, remote mini-stories" project  choreography and direction Lucrezia Maimone, interpreted by the Collettivo glie Erranti;

3 Microracconti a creation by Lucrezia Maimone The project is directly linked to the research path undertaken with the 16 artists, regarding the wider CLUE production, to produce a mini series of 3 video episodes whose purpose is to make the creative process that leads usable to the construction of the character created with and interpreted by Collettivo Gli Erranti (Ado Sanna, Alessio Rundeddu, Amedeo Podda, Gerardo Gouveia, Davide Vallascas, Elie Chateignier, Elisa Zedda (voice), Elsa Paglietti (violin), Francesca Assiero, Brà, Francesca Re , Ivonne Bello, Lucia Paglietti (piano), Sara Perra, Sara Vasarri, Silvia Bandini video editing / video editing Lucrezia Maimone video shooting Collettivo Gli Erranti co-production Zerogrammi Tersicorea T Off - Cortoindanza / Logos ed. 2019-2020 with the support of the Sardinia Region , Piedmont Region, MIBAC

from 3 to 12 August 2020,  project "The Woman Who Had Two Navels" directed by choreography Sara Aangius, interpreted by Sara Angius and Stefano Roveda

The Woman Who Had Two Navels  by and with Sara Angius and Stefano Roveda |  Remote Residence Video Return  held in the city of Braunschweig, at the TANZ-Braunschweig studios .
Residence initially scheduled from 3 to 12 August in Cagliari at the T.Off space and, due to Covid 19, held in the same period in Germany,

from June to November 2020 , from the project ​ CRISOL / creative processes,  East Asia route  "Form and Tradition"   leader: Fabbrica Europa Foundation for contemporary arts.  

"Form and Tradition"  East Asia  Co-creation project  Francesca Foscarini and Gianfrancesco Giannini (Italy),  Er Gao (China), Noel Pong (Hong Kong),  Jereh Leung (Singapore),  Anindita Gosh (India),  Albert Garcia (Macao),  followed by junior operators  Fabrizio Massini (dramaturg) and Giulia Poli (tutor) 

and senior operators  Antonella Cirigliano (Lis Lab) and Simonetta Pusceddu (Tersicorea)