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wallpaper loretta d'antuono interconness



artists residency project in the area
Artistic direction
Simonetta Pusceddu

(Pursuant to the State / Regions Agreement sanctioned on 21.9.2017 and in implementation of article 43 (Residences) of the Ministerial Decree of 27.7.2017)

with the support of the Region of Sardinia, MIBAC - Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities,  Archaeological, Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendence for the Metropolitan City of Cagliari and the Provinces of Oristano and South Sardinia, Municipality of Settimo S. Pietro,  Ark of Time / Settimo San Pietro, Tourist Association Pro Loco / Municipality of Settimo San Pietro,  Specus Cooperative,  Municipality of Selargius, Bios Cooperative / Municipality of Sinnai.

In agreement with Zerogrammi / Turin and Twain / Rome   to guarantee inter-regional mobility and stay in residences, in implementation of article 43 "Residences" of Ministerial Decree No. 332 of 27 July 2017, for the three-year period 2018 - 2020.

In co-organization with CeDAC Sardegna.

the town has been transformed into an open-air theater between songs and dances, animated by choreographers, directors, circus performers, visual artists, musicians and actors, in a harmonious agreement between tradition and current events, on the classical notes of the violinist Elsa Paglietti and the band musical of the town, an itinerant train, fairy tale and nostalgic for memory, between the historic streets of the town and the evocative "lollas". A beautiful journey witnessed by the intense black and white images in the photographic exhibition by Federica Zedda and by the docu-film by Massimo Gasole. An important contact that allowed to develop the concepts of the different creative processes focused on the specific theme of identity in its various forms.


Like human identity investigated in its various layers that accumulate, hiding weaknesses and feelings in  WallPaper  by and with Sara Angius  (originally from Sassari but resident in Germany),  with the participation of Loretta D'Antuono, tutors Anthony Mathieu and Simonetta Pusceddu, and the women bakers of the Borgo del Pane in Settimo San Pietro.

Symposium of Silence,  by and with Lucrezia Maimone he worked on  composition of the scenes and choreographies with the choreographer and dancer of the Compagnia Zerogrammi (Turin), Stefano Mazzotta>, the artist from Cagliari  who currently lives in Turin where he collaborates with the Company  Zerograms. With Federica Lì he also presented a short video-art film shot at Villa D'orrì  always dedicated to the same creation.

"The act of creation is a social act, it is a political act, it is political. For me what is really important is the need to tell a story, not only  the construction of a choreography or music "- adds Lucrezia.  

And again the theme of identity as an action oriented towards the cultural and anthropological roots of the individual and his land in the two creations "ICI, là-bas (Here and there) and" A solo con Gramsci ", by and with Clotilde Tiradritti , with Marianne Rachmul and the music of Patrick Motoian. << I dance to break down the barriers. I didn't want to talk about Gramsci's political thought, but about his inner prison, the one that prevents it from being realized. In the second part the idea was to talk about the difficulties of the human being in accepting the other, the stranger, the intruder, the other self >>, said the Tuscan dancer and choreographer trained in Italy and residing in France for several years, which in Settimo San Pietro with his company “Heliotropion” (Paris) has developed this residency course divided into two parts also working on the voice and Sardinian chant flanked by Elena Ledda.


For the two hundred weekly children of primary and elementary school a great success also with the "interconnections" of the matinee between thrills and fun in the two shows at Casa Dessy, with circus artists.  The fear that obscures the perception and overwhelms man in a limbo of perdition in the show "Medo" by and with Lorenzo Crivellari (Italy) and the fantastic universe of "El misterio del interior" with the hilarious and charismatic character Mr Spark, in a fresh and innovative combination of physical theater and circus, by and with Salvador Riba Megias (Spain).

Joy, smiles, juggling and clowning numbers even with the caravan of the "Wanderers", the  Artists of the Itinerant Shipyards who have colored and animated the streets of the town. And again among the initiatives of the Terpsichorea project the creative drawing / writing workshop always on the theme of identity, led by the Venezuelan artist Gerardo Jonas Gouveia Villarroell (visual artist of painting, graphics and drawing), the workshop / meeting with women bakers and the circus art workshop led by the artist Lorenzo Crivellari.


"What fascinates me about these residency projects, and I hope to succeed in these intentions, is to arouse love for art, fundamental for cultural growth and to protect us from the horror that we often have around us, and to give a 'opening of joy and enlightenment. Art opens channels of friendship, has the magical power to create a relationship with the inhabitants and the knowledge of the places, they are healthy channels - explains Simonetta Pusceddu. , reveal us. Without ever having the presumption of being on a pedestal, none of us ".

Contemporary art, dance, circus art, physical theater, artists, local knowledge, interconnected with the community and places, enhance the richness of a great cultural heritage and stimulate artistic creation. This happened in the “Interconnections” artistic residency project, promoted by Tersicorea and the Municipality of Settimo San Pietro, with the artistic direction of Simonetta Pusceddu, a few kilometers from Cagliari. An artistic, social and poetic intervention in the area that started in October has just ended and saw the involvement of ten international level dance artists and a collective of local "wandering" artists, in a continuous dialogue between the choreographic sign, the community weeks and the symbolic places of the town that welcomed them with great generosity.  


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