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The internationalization process is the functional tool that allows to start various interventions to support the free circulation of contemporary art. Through the dialogue network  Med'arte and the collaboration of a permanent artistic commission,  the dynamics of support have been launched for authors who can circulate their works in the territories of the countries involved and start a dialogue with Sardinia,  place of "resistance" and "cultural activism" in the Mediterranean basin. Through the offer of tutoring, hospitality, artistic residences, programming, we support research, we promote the meeting and the comparison between artists and companies of different backgrounds and origins. opportunity materializes in production / co-production / artistic residencies / training projects.

Projects and authors supported in the last three years

2020 |  2019  |  2018

" Eterna" di e con Lucrezia Maimone |Compagnia Oltrenotte

"752 giorni" di e con Silvia Bandini

“Aïn” di e con Elie Chateignier

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