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The island of freedom

artists residency project in the area
Artistic direction Simonetta Pusceddu
(Pursuant to the State / Regions Agreement sanctioned on 21.9.2017 and in implementation of article 43 (Residences) of the Ministerial Decree of 27.7.2017)

"Interconnessioni | The island of freedom,  the residence project curated by Simonetta Pusceddu (Tersicorea) in tandem with the Municipality of Carloforte. Now in its fourth year of activity, the program will animate the island of San Pietro, with a full calendar of artistic residences, workshops and live performances.

"The word 'freedom' is the source of inspiration for investigating the territory of Carloforte and the island of San Pietro, a community consisting of only 6 thousand inhabitants, with the aim of highlighting the peculiarity  of "an island of the island". which is part of the circuit of "The most beautiful villages in Italy" e  it preserves the language and culture of the founders, the fishing families originally from Pegli, and from the Tunisian island of Tabarka (where they lived since the 16th century). The Tabarchins in 1738 obtained from King Carlo Emanuele III the permission to colonize the island of San Pietro, uninhabited and called 'of the sparrow hawks' since the time of the Phoenician settlement (8th century BC), which was followed by the Punic one, with a temple and necropolis . The same fishermen, 40 years later, would also have founded Calasetta on the facing island of Sant'Antioco.

The first Italian republic was founded in 1793 on the island of San Pietro. Following the arrival of the French revolutionaries on the island, the people of San Pietro drafted a constitution. Document which unfortunately has never been found, but which has left traces, in particular in the testimony of the revolutionary Filippo Buonarroti.  


Using this historical event as a starting point Terpsichorea launches the project  Interconnections | THE ISLAND OF FREEDOM.


What does freedom mean when you live on an island, surrounded by water? Is an island an ideal place, far from the world, to rethink the concept of republic together and on a smaller scale? Through these political and humanistic questions, the challenge is to transcend thought to a poetic form aimed at the future that can give us a new vision of the word FREEDOM and thus pay homage to a land and a people.


Period of development

1st PERIOD Company "My! Laika"

to)   12/27 July 2021 "Just another storm"  study for a micro-film on the scenario of the Laertes show.

the first phase of the research and creation process in residence by the My! Laika Company, starts from the work “Laerte”.

2nd PERIOD Colectivo teatral  "LAM"

b)  1/15 September 2021  "The happy union of Hesperus and Fósforo", project of a play  edited by  Anthony Mathieu

b)  1/15 September 2021  "The island of freedom", Philopoetic essay / story by Enrico Pastore  


3rd PERIOD Company “Oltrenotte

c)   from 4 to 25  October 2021 "Tales of Illusion" freely inspired by Borges' book of Dreams

4th PERIOD Stefano Mazzotta / "Zerogrammi" Company 

d)   from 22 November to 6 December 2021 "The tale of the unknown island" freely inspired by the novel of the same name by José Saramago

with the support of

Sardinia Region;

MIC / Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities; 

Municipality of Carloforte 

CEDAC Sardinia  (Multidisciplinary circuit of entertainment Sardinia)


organizational logistic collaboration:

Botti Du Scoggiu Association - Onlus

Maria Vittoria Comparetti

Cultural Association Is Mascareddas.  

San Pietro Island residences:

Institutional Places:

  • Garden of Notes, Casa del Duca, Torre San Vittorio

landscaped places:

Conventional theaters:

  • Mutua Theater

  • Cavallera Theater

​Public refunds:

COMPANY  "Oltrenotte" Lucrezia Maimone, Riccardo Serra, Andr

es Aguirre, Santo Pablo, Elsa Paglietti, Lucia Paglietti Elie Chategnier, Giulia Cannas, With the participation of the Effort Company

"Tales of Illusion" loosely based on Borges' book of Dreams

October 10, 2021


23 - 24 October 2021


December 4, 2021









© Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Sala au rocher de la vierge, Biarritz, 1927 

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