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Sat, 02 Jul


INOUT - Cagliari

2nd appointment Cortoindanza Review | Logos a bridge to Europe 2022

Choreographic projects selected for the call for choreographic writing 2022 presented in the extraordinary setting of the Inout Musiclub club Cagliari theater. Dinner à la carte (choice of menu) as a moment of sharing between artists and the public by booking +39 347 5556488

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2nd appointment Cortoindanza Review | Logos a bridge to Europe 2022
2nd appointment Cortoindanza Review | Logos a bridge to Europe 2022

Orario & Sede

02 Jul 2022, 21:30 – 23:30

INOUT - Cagliari, Viale Marconi, 173, mezzanine floor, 09131 Cagliari CA, Italy




By and with Priscilla Pizziol and Edoardo Sgambato

Trying to go beyond a difficulty, slowly, gently.

The loss, the conflict, the emptiness. Feeling distant, next to each other.

Alone, misunderstood. Getting stuck, tangled.

Living the incommunicability. Shyly looking for each other through the skin to regain confidence. Trying to cherish each other's fragility.

Discovering that loneliness is a gift we can share. And finally, through play, celebrating the beauty of feeling alive together.


By and with Sara Angius

Concept and construction of the figure and dramaturgy: Johanna Ehlert


Between the inside and the outside of a person, on that thin and fuzzy border, we find a door and open it. A metaphysical and surreal journey into the depths of the unconscious begins, where the protagonist explores the relationship with her double, one of the many selves, fixed, illusory figures that people build and

they carry with them until they become slaves. A reflection on the existential aspects of identity in which dance, puppetry and illusion blend harmoniously.


Conception and choreography: Sabrina Rigoni

Dance: Diletta Antolini

Original music and sound design: Marco Giacomelli

XL Dance Company production


Crossing a trail that overwhelms, accompanies, surprises. The body breathes navigating between memory and the unedited, the world that touches you and what you are generating. Curious transform this space or you are elsewhere. It's always a new place and then you arrive, aimlessly.


 by Luca Signoretti

Starring Elina Kim and Sarafina Beck

Italy | Swiss

“The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships” – and that includes your relationship with yourself.”

Tony Robbins.


By Denise Aimar, Andrés Aguirre Fernández

Performer Andrés Aguirre Fernández


A man and a stone hanging from the end of a thread, a line that joins them from bottom to top. Both stone and man share an apparent strength, the fierce and granite firmness of the warrior, the sensation of hardness that thickens uniformly through their mass. Man, as a masculine being, is historically led to mask his vulnerability, to appear strong, courageous and fearless. But he has always been fragile with the difficulty of accepting his own weaknesses and indeed transforming what appears to be a defect into a strength.


By and with Arianna Berton

(in collaboration with Lies Lambrecht)


Empty space. Empty space in the emotional sphere. Sense of melancholy due to the surrounding empty space. Empty benches, empty swing sets, empty parking lots. Empty cans on the ground, empty supermarket shelves. Empty spaces. In those months I started a creative process with a colleague who stopped because we couldn't meet. The initial concept was precisely the negativity of a space and the absence that man perceives or suffers from a thing or a person.


by Pablo Ezequiel Rizzo

Starring Pablo Ezequiel Rizzo and Alessandra Cozzi

Argentina | Italy

ALBATROS is a game of reflections and diffractions, a journey between darkness and light that creates, through a plastic body, hybrid and alien images: mutant forms in constant evolution and yet always human. Drawing inspiration from Goethe's "Urpflanz" and Donna Haraway's cyborg theory, she studies the concept of nature and "natural" by questioning their meanings

Art commission

1. Loredana Parrella | Twain_Dance Production Center_Tuscania Lazio

2. Stefano Mazzotta | Zerograms Permutations_Turin Piedmont

3. Chiara Organtini | Steam laundry, residence center and house of dance _Turin Piedmont

4. Monica Sava | choreographer and scenic interpretation teacher at the Conservatory of Music "GF Ghedini", creator of the Sava Method_ Cuneo Piedmont

5. Henry Shepherd | Theater and dance critic  _ Turin Piedmont

6. Giuseppe Muscarello | Conformations Festival_Palermo Italy

7. Simona Nordera | Fabbrica Europa contact person for contemporary arts_ Florence Tuscany

8. Petra Valentic, Zagreb | Zagreb Dance Center and Association of Professional Artists “PULS" _ Zagreb/Croatia

9. Danila Blasi | Cultural Association PinDoc Production Center Palermo Sicily

10.Donatella Pau | Is Mascareddas Cultural Association, Puppet Theater _Cagliari Sardinia


1. Alicia Trueba | Café de les artes Teatro_Santander, Spain

2. Laura Kumin | Paso a 2 Plataforma Coreográfica/Certamen Coreográfico _ Madrid Spain

Reporting manager of the Festival: Anthony Mathieu (playwright and director)

After the show dinner by reservation à la carte - contact the InOut organization directly on the number - 3311423909


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