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Thu, 07 Jul


Cappanone Nervi Park - Su Siccu

4th appointment Cortoindanza Review | Logos a bridge to Europe 2022

"Rua da Saudade" (solo) by Adriano Bolognino with Rosaria Di Maro "No capition needed" by and with Giulia Cannas "Beautiful chaos" by and featuring Sin Yi Lau. for tonight's event starting at 21 at the Nervi park in Cagliari, we suggest you bring a pillow if you want to be more comfortable

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4th appointment Cortoindanza Review | Logos a bridge to Europe 2022
4th appointment Cortoindanza Review | Logos a bridge to Europe 2022

Orario & Sede

07 Jul 2022, 21:00 – 22:00

Cappanone Nervi Park - Su Siccu, Calata della Fiera, 09125 Cagliari CA, Italy


  • Rua da Saudade (Solo)

by Adriano Bolognino with Rosaria Di Maro | Production /Cornelia

Saudade is nostalgia for the future, regret for lost time and anguish for the time to come, it is a latent state of mind, which tomorrow will be conscience.  This term, of Portuguese origin, does not appear to be explainable or translatable in the limited horizon of human words but has found expression in art which has always revealed the boundlessness of human feelings. Saudade is an atmosphere, a state of mind, which lends itself perfectly to being painted through the infinite power of images and in this case of dance. By studying the main areas where the term finds expression, I studied the Portuguese writer and poet who wrote many pages steeped in Saudade.  His great aesthetic creation is considered to be the invention of heteronyms, which he went through all his life. Inspired by the poetics of Fernando Pessoa and his four main literary personalities, on stage, four dancers will interpret different heteronyms, all well constructed, endowed with autonomous personalities, each of which has felt its own and intimate form of Saudade.

Recognition for choreographic writing for the Cortoindanza XXIV edition 2021 call

The "Rua da Saudade" project is the winner of Call for Creation 2021, artistic residency at Orsolina 28 and selected for the NID Platform 2021

  • No capitulation needed

by and with Giulia Cannas (Iglesias, Sardinia)

It is a journey of discovery and mutation. It is a metaphorical journey of growth and change,

an ever-changing path. Life experiences change the way you live it. Based on this

point, in 'no caption needed' the body evolves, modifying itself according to the sensory experiences it experiences.

Choreography by Giulia Cannas | Text by Sergio Atzeni, Bellas Mariposas | Song by Iosonouncane, Hiver |With the dramaturgical support of Donatella Martina Cabras | Sound and musical editing by Michela Laconi | Support for staging Stefano Cau and Daniela Vitellaro.

  • Beautiful chaos

by and with Sin Yi Lau (Hong Kong, China)

Facing vulnerability leads to a state of tension and rejection of weakness. Vulnerability is a feeling

universal and a common state. In it is the beauty of authenticity .With the technique of contemporary dance and the

extravagant "Beautiful Chaos" tells the story of an emotional journey of Lau Sin Yi.

Writing project selected for the Cortoindanza XXIV edition 2021 call


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