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Sat, 31 Jul


Theater Space T.Off Terpsicorea

"Night" | Overnight company

NIGHT Light dreams have two doors: one made of horn, the other of ivory. Those who come through burnished ivory deceive us, speaking vain words; those that come out of the smooth horn announce, to the mortal who sees them, things that will really take place. Odyssey, XIX

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 "Night" | Overnight company
 "Night" | Overnight company

Orario & Sede

31 Jul 2021, 21:00

Theater Space T.Off Terpsicorea, Via Nazario Sauro, 6, 09123 Cagliari CA, Italy


Nightis a work being created by the Oltrenotte company.

During  the creative process the audience is often seen as  final user, judge and single indistinct entity.  the artist tends to protect and hide his  work, closing it in a comfortable place separate from the  that surrounds it. The artist is the first judge of himself and his  creature is considered too fragile to be able to see the light if  still unfinished.

To  overturn these fallacious concepts we open our works to the public,  so that we can experience the projects that are being developed and to  observe near the creative processes that are presented in  different formats. In this way, the curious and interested will  share these unique moments to experience from within what  artists do every day.

It will be a moment to dialogue together in a constructive way, a  fundamental stage for the artist, that of opening one's conscience to an  external eye other than that of the to the works”, and together  to the considerations, doubts and curiosities let yourself be inspired to continue  the grandiose journey of creation.

writing Lucrezia Maimone and Riccardo Serra

direction, choreography Lucrezia Maimone

lighting design and set design Riccardo Serra

on stage Amedeo Podda, Giulia Cannas

piano Lucia Angèle Paglietti

Elsa Paglietti violin

with the participation of Sara Perra, Chiara Aru, Matteo Marongiu, Filippo Puddu, Federico Piras, Riccardo Atzori. Luca Fadda


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  • Night at 21.00

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