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Sun, 05 May


Theater Space T.Off Terpsicorea

Review "logos" 2019: "Jakob son of nobody"

“Jakob son of nobody” by and with Jonathan Frau - Tutor Marie-Céline Daubagna Co-production Terpsicorea Cagliari// Zerogrammi Turin Credits: Festival Trengo Festival de circo do Porto ( Porto ); FIS International Festival of Solos (Vila do Conde); Terpsicorea Cortoindanza Festival (Cagliari )

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 Review "logos" 2019: "Jakob son of nobody"
 Review "logos" 2019: "Jakob son of nobody"

Orario & Sede

05 May 2019, 21:00 – 22:00

Theater Space T.Off Terpsicorea, Via Nazario Sauro, 6, 09123 Cagliari CA, Italy


Jakob, nobody's son

has a secret to tell simple and direct, fragile and strong, emotionally sincere, physically extreme.

Jakob lives what he has to live and then walks away. Her complex body, fragile balances and comfortable twists. Jakob and his puppet: In this solitude I am looking for a complicity between jakob and his puppet to create emotionally strong pretexts, human encounters, animate the puppet, animate jakob, animate the moment! Pretexts that stimulate emotions. A fusion between the human body and the paper puppet. The b2 and the 3D dead art and living art, give life to the inanimate, give it a heart. Jakob has no rules, he is a free body, with an instinctive heart, without shame he often finds himself on the edge of situations

Marie-Céline Daubagna, 

Pedagogical responsible for professional training  le LIDO "Centrs des arts du cirque de Toulouse". Diploma in Social and Occupational Psychology in 1982.

Training at the Serge Martin Art Comedy Theater in Geneva from 1987 to 1990, clowning school. Marie Céline Daubagna was improviser of the 1982-1997 Match of Improvisation in the regional teams Toulouse LITR and Lisa, and then the Swiss national team LIS. He has participated in the World France-Switzerland-Belgium and Quebec, and has played in street shows with Co. Alligator International and Kosmos Kolej Wladislaw Znorko.

Actress since 2012 in "Chewing the Dead" of the Thanks Group in Toulouse in personal creations; since 1988 for ArTpenteurs (The little things, side court, the seated woman,), in the reading of texts by Cine Palestine and Toulouse Syria Solidarity. Accompanies different circus companies for their creations, such as: CRU Co. Fetama, Grüswagen of the tide. She joined Lido's training team in 1992 as a clown and theater teacher. In 2004, Marie Céline Daubagna became responsible for vocational training. He supervises research laboratories in the circus for 20 years and offers his collaboration for the staging of professional shows; at the heart of his approach are the principles of research into the languages of contemporary art.

Jonathan Frau

Carampa Circus School Madrid; LIDO Circus Arts Center Toulouse (Fr); Company "Oktobre" (with Yann Frisch and Eva Ordonez) graduated project at Circus Next Europeo (JTCE) 2012.

The Blue Coffee Company

After founding the "Oktobre" Company in 2012 with Eva Leonor and Yann Frisch, Jonathan Frau later decides to independently create a second "platform" with the name Blue Coffee._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ containing the living arts, ( circus arts, theatre, dance, physical theater, music, performance, ) and the dead arts. ( installations, plastic arts, exhibitions. ) Blue Coffee Company defends a high-level circus in a powerful and aesthetic tragic-comic theatrical universe, but the essence of the work comes from the circus.

Through a sincere poetic and passionate critical gaze, the Blue Coffee company talks about man through art. and a cinematic style, disturbing, ridiculous, fantastic, raw, direct, poetic. The difference and the encounter are universe. Each individual on this stage is a small universe. L

Supporting partners: of the project

Terpsichorea T.OFF( Cagliari ); ZEROGRAMMI, Casa Luft (Turin); La Grainerie, Fabrique des Arts du Cirque et de l'itinérance (Toulouse); LE LEIDO - CENTER DES ARTS DU CIRQUE ( Toulouse ); ATENEU POPULAR 9 BARRIS (Barcelona); CIAM The Mirail University factory ( Toulouse )

credits: Festival Trengo Festival de circo do Porto ( Porto ); FIS International Festival of Solos (Vila do Conde); Terpsicorea Short Dance Festival (Cagliari)


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