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residenza artistica 2023

Rizomi Artist residency project
Artistic direction Simonetta Pusceddu

(Art. 43 (Residences) State-Regions Understanding of the DM 27.07.2017 and of the DGR n. 19/40 of 2018 and n. 9/17 of 2022 - Projects for the establishment and development of the "Artists in the Territories" residences. Three-year period 2022-2024)​

with the contribution of Autonomous Region of Sardinia; MIC/Ministry of Culture;  Municipality of Carloforte organizational logistics collaboration:  Botti Du Scoggiu Association - Onlus


“Rizomi”, residency project curated by Simonetta Pusceddu (Tersicorea) in tandem with the Municipality of Carloforte

Crossings in the territory of Carloforte and the island of San Pietro, a community made up of only 6 thousand inhabitants, with the aim of highlighting the   peculiarity of “an island within an island”. which is part of the circuit of "The most beautiful villages in Italy" and  preserves the language and culture of the founders, the families of fishermen originally from Pegli, and coming from the Tunisian island of Tabarka (where they resided from the 16th century). In 1738, the Tabarchinis obtained permission from King Carlo Emanuele III to colonize the island of San Pietro, uninhabited and called 'degli sparrowhawks' since the time of the Phoenician settlement (8th century BC), followed by the Punic one, with temple and necropolis . The same fishermen, 40 years later, also founded Calasetta on the facing island of Sant'Antioco.

Periodo di svolgimento


dall'11 al 26 settembre

Progetto: “Un uomo una pietra”

Artisti in residenza: Denise Aimar, visual designer e fotografa, Andrès Fernandez Aguirre, artista performer
Tutor: Stefano Mazzotta

"Un uomo una pietra” 

was born with the intention of exploring the frailties of man, as a male being. Both stone and man, share an apparent strength, the proud and granite steadfastness of the warrior, the feeling of hardness that is uniformly thickened by their mass. The male being is historically inclined to mask his vulnerability, to appear strong, brave and fearless. But he has always been fragile with the difficulty of accepting his weaknesses and indeed transforming what appears to be defect into strength.

brief biographical notes 

Cultural Association Klak-Stories For Artists was founded as a container of STORIES and whose mentoring activity, _through images__ gives the artist the opportunity to communicate their story. A visual workshop that uses photography, graphic design and videography as communication tools for the production of visual stories.

Dal 18 settembre al 2 ottobre

Progetto “Eleonorae"
Tutor: Anthony Mathieu


is a modern-day Penelope who entrusts her loom with thoughts,desires and follies in an attempt to protect them within a weave following ancient gestures that are repeated every day.

The creative process highlights the desire to translate the ancient art of weaving into movement, focusing on the ritual aspect of this very ancient practice that still retains its meaning in Sardinia.


brief biographical notes

A dance graduate of the Pier Lombardo Academy in Milan, Rachele Montis has taken part in numerous productions of the Cagliari Opera House. She has also danced for Antonio Marras, ("My heart, I am suffering what can I do for you"), ASMED Ballet of Sardinia ("Heisse Luft," directed by Susanne Linke, with the Borderline Danza company), Igor x Moreno ("Lobster"), nanou group ("Xebeche"). He has also participated in several film productions.

Dal 1 al 15 dicembre

Progetto: "Teatime daydream"  

Tutor: Daniele Sgroi

"Teatime daydream"  

The Project is based on the poetics of gesture and the use of the mask. To create universal languages dictated by movement. The gestures are precise, designed to communicate beyond speech the universal concepts without the barrier of language. All in line with his studies following the pedagogy of Jaques Lecoq.

In this project, the 'artist takes inspiration from his Anglo-Saxon maternal roots,absurd and comic, and his paternal roots,far-fetched and fantastic, to fabularize the peculiar journey of this character using movement, physical theater and a small dose of illusionism. Accompanying it all will be a live soundtrack,a harmonization intended to complete the viewer's three-hundred-and-sixty-degree journey to emotional and introspective landscapes.

"Who said that nocturnal creatures come to visit us only during the night? One such creature decided to come up at tea time to ignite emotions and animate objects.To awaken past feelings and rediscover joys and fears in a dance between cookies and magic since,sometimes,it gets dark even during the day."

Residency Spaces of Isola di san Pietro:

Institutional Places:

  • Giardino di Note, Casa del Duca, Torre San Vittorio

Landscape places::

  • Saline di Carloforte, Capo Sandalo, Guardia dei Mori, Punta del Capo e Tonnara della Punta, Centro storico Carloforte  Piazza Pegli, Via Venezia

Conventional theaters:​

  • Teatro Cavallera

Non-conventional places:

  • Spazio Teatrale laboratoriale La Bottega ​​

Technical direction Gerardo Gouveia

immagini Federica Zedda

video DocuFilm Francesco Rosso

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