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Sun, 23 Aug


Lazaretto of Cagliari

"Don't be afraid" - Carlo Massari

There will be an introduction entitled "A Peso Morto" (He, She, The Other) - Production C&C Company

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"Don't be afraid" - Carlo Massari
"Don't be afraid" - Carlo Massari

Orario & Sede

23 Aug 2020, 20:50

Lazaretto of Cagliari, Via dei Navigatori, 1, 09126 Cagliari CA, Italy


“A Peso Morto” (He, She, The Other by and with: Carlo Massari

He, She, The Other: Frames of a suburb without time and identity, not because it has never had, wanted, desired it, but because it has been bitten away from it in the useless and somewhat mysterious new definition of "Metropolitan City ”, which means everything and its opposite and which sinks into oblivion.

“Don't be afraid” by and with: Carlo Massari

A man evolves, becomes a symbol of an era, becomes a myth, a philosopher, a semi-god, becomes powerful and invincible, super-gifted; then it breaks, implodes and collapses miserably until it becomes a molecule again, a particle under construction, a blood liquid. The Faun here is a “new born” (newborn), a sapling riding history, surprised to love and to crack, to fight, to win and to lose miserably; torn from the earth, he falls into the eternity of the night and gets lost there. displays of virility. We don't want to tell a story, but to grasp a fragment of it, a suggestion, a solitude, tell the missing pieces.

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