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Sat, 29 Jun


Theater Space T.Off Terpsicorea

“Some Remain So”

“Some Remain So” by and with Alexandre Fandard AL-FA companies // France

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“Some Remain So”
“Some Remain So”

Orario & Sede

29 Jun 2019, 21:00

Theater Space T.Off Terpsicorea, Via Nazario Sauro, 6, 09123 Cagliari CA, Italy


“Some Remain So”

Alexandre Fandard explores the radical otherness that lives within each of us. Inspired by Samuel Beckett's quote, "We are all born insane, some stay that way," this poetic piece is an exploration of the physical body through psychological insanity.

The choreographer reveals a single man engaged in a strange fight. What does it tell us? Is it under the grip of a force that kills words, that torments them? Or is he just crazy? The solo consists of 2 parts. The first part shows a body that is hindered: the table and the sitting position materialize these obstacles. A simple cut of light projects a rectangle there within which the dancer struggles. This double bond symbolizes the violence of confinement, but with gesture and dance, this confinement is transcended in the creation that is born. In this movement, Alexandre Fandard plays on a contrast between the beauty of classical music the meaning of the Latin text in Vivaldi's Nisi Dominus and the violence of a body struggling with Krump's techniques of retention and contraction. The second is a «triptych» and plays with the loss of points of reference thanks to the effects of light and darkness. The triptych shows through body language between crisis and schizophrenia.

Alexandre Fandard

is a freestyle, self-taught hip-hop dancer. He joins the Académie Internationale de la Danse in Paris. He performs in Brett Bailey's Exhibit B in Paris, South Korea and Estonia. In this play, Alexandre becomes a static element like in a tableau. This strengthened his taste for the aesthetics of the painterly. Engaged by La Cie de Soi, he performed in "Heroes" at the Pantheon. In September 2016 he was selected as a resident of "Laboratoire des culture urbaines" at Centquatre-Paris. He created "Some Remain So" in 2018 and it was selected in several festivals

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